Sunday, September 19, 2010

Turned Taquetè

When I was putting the warp on the loom for my twill yardage I found out that I had miscalculated and that there were some extra warp threads – enough to do a scarf! The warp is two colours of teal blue in 2/8 Tencel.
The warp was pulled so the teal blues were in stripes but I didn’t want a stripe-y scarf so the idea was to use one dark teal blue then one light teal blue etc. So, I had a warp colour plan, but no pattern in mind. Looking at that style of warp, in that size and that type of yarn just shouts Turned Taquetè. This is one type of weaving I haven’t done one yet and the chance to design a new pattern is always exciting.

This meant that when I put the warp through the raddle I changed the warp threads from coloured stripes into alternating threads.
The funny thing is that when I beamed the warp it went back to the stripes! All that work separating and alternating the warp thread colours for nothing! Sorry about the photo it is a little blurry.
It took a while to design a 12 shaft Turned Taquetè pattern because I had a finite number of warp threads to use; I only needed to add 6 Hunter green Tencel threads to each side to create the scarf!
This pattern is really nifty because at different angles the pattern changes, the photo above is like diamonds. The photo below is more like a Greek key.
There are two different sides to this scarf, one side having more green and a lot of texture. The other side is bluer and has no texture. It is really interesting that the weft is only hunter green and yet there seems to be horizontal stripes in teal.
The scarf has a lovely sheen, but little iridescence. As you can see there are definitely two different sides to this pattern.
The scarf has wonderful drape and is really pretty, and I’d definitely weave it again in the future with a different colour way.


Marion B. said...

It's gorgous.

Unknown said...

This scarf looks great!
Turned Taqueté is high up on my list of weave structures to explore.

Susan said...

What a lovely way to use up left over yarn! I'm going to have to try that myself having a bit of left over yarn with my current project.

Can I ask what the slats under the cloth and around the front breast are for? Just curious....


Ngaire said...

Hi Susan,
The venetian blinds seen on the cloth beam are spacers for the fringe. They also help fine tune the tension for the AVL system. The wooden piece on the race in front of the reed is because the tape on the reed has lifted and it wears on the warp - the reed needs to be retaped but that is something that is only found out too late for the current warp! The stick of wood rest on top of the tape and makes for a smooth surface for the warp and because it is so slim is doesn't affect the shed.

Benita said...

Oh, my! That is truly a stunning scarf. I'm adding that weaving structure to my list, which, by the way, is getting longer and longer and... :)